Forecastr Beta Update – October 6, 2022

Hey gang, Zack here. Hopefully, you’re feeling comfy transitioning into your fall wardrobe! 

We’ve recently released some updates and new features that we’re excited to share with you today:

New Features

Data Table v2

To the untrained eye, it may not look like we completely rewrote and replaced our Data Table, but that’s exactly what we did! Why? The need for speed. We admit that our old table was a little slow. Okay fine, it was way too slow. I won’t bore you with why it was and what we did to fix it, but just know that it’s much faster!

It’s also way faster to move around the new Data Table using the arrow and tab keys. Plus, you can use ‘Enter’ to edit/save manual edits and ‘Escape’ to exit manual edit mode.

Quickbooks Integration v2

Wait, what happened to QuickBooks Integration v1? Well, it was slowly and selectively released over the past couple of months to make sure that the foundational elements were working correctly before we rolled it out to everyone. And along the way, we found several ways to improve the functionality. So we decided to knock out those changes and release them to everyone!

Now, you can hook up your QuickBooks Online account, map your QuickBooks chart of accounts to the items in your Forecast, and then compare your Actuals and Forecast directly inside the fresh Data Table!

You can also toggle on and off your Actuals and Forecast and even the chart on the Assumptions tab. This is just the beginning as we have a lot planned for future integrations and Forecast vs. Actuals, so stay tuned!

Item Clone

When we released Scenario Clone there were parties in the streets. I don’t think we’re fully prepared for the amount of celebrating that will accompany Item Clone.

Now, instead of building another expense, person, or revenue stream from scratch, you can just clone an existing one! The new cloned item will work independently from the original item. Using this feature will save you all so much time!

Quarterly View

We had Months and Years views before, but now we have a Quarters view! Many businesses think and plan on a quarterly basis (I know we do) so now you can view your Forecast on a quarterly basis.

Billing Page

Historically, our customers were sent their initial invoice via Stripe and that invoice would then be resent upon renewal. Going forward, we have a new onboarding process and billing page to let users access and manage their Stripe payment details directly from inside the platform.

You can also see your active Subscriptions from the Billing page, and eventually, you’ll be able to manage your plans directly from this same spot.

Bug Fixes

We don’t normally mention bug fixes in our Beta Updates. But, because the engineering team put so much time and effort into squashing bugs this past cycle, I thought it would be a shame not to shout it out. By my count, we squashed over 130 bugs! If that ain’t major progress, then I don’t know what is.

That’s it for this release. Stay tuned for future release notes!

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